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Whether you play Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, or Roulette; you will always have a dealer to help keep your game going. Dealers serve an important purpose during table game play: they are the game’s facilitators and adjudicators. Dealers are tasked with (as their name suggests) dealing cards, playing the house’s hands, exchanging money for chips, declaring and deciding upon the winner, solving any game disputes that may arise, and catching instances of cheating during games. And yet, the dealer’s countenance is not one of sternness, but one of friendliness and helpful assistance. They are always smiling, cheerful, and super-ready to lend a helping hand to all of the players.

However, because of their genial nature; many dealers are subject to a lot of player abuse and are sometimes the brunt of verbal and behavioral hostility from ill-mannered gamblers. This; of course, is uncalled for as House Rules and common decency dictate that you treat all casino employees (especially table game dealers) with courtesy and respect.  We here at Aces Up know exactly what dealers have to put up with from terrible players, and we would like to remind you that you need to be nice to your dealer so that everyone at the table can enjoy a great gaming experience. Here are some ways to do just that:

Avoid excessive drinking while gambling – Having a drink or two is par for the course when visiting a casino: after all, there are free cocktails. However; drinking too much makes for a bad idea, as you may not have full control of your faculties while inebriated, so you might become rude, boisterous and rowdy. Also, your mental processes are impaired, and you may tend to make a lot of mistakes and bonehead plays while drunk: mistakes mean money down the drain. Worse yet, you might spill your drink on the table; disrupting the current game and getting players (and the dealer) mad at you. Dealers are not especially fond of rowdy, boisterous players who fumble their drinks and cause interruptions. Suffice it to say, a player who’s drunk is just plain annoying to everyone at the table. It won’t do wonders for your game, either.

Avoid being “The Blame Guy” – When you’re having a bad beat; or maybe a string of losses; the worst thing you could do is to blame the dealer. Dealers aren’t allowed to be combative with players, so all they can do is take it, or risk losing their jobs. Gambling in general and every table game in particular always favors the house, so the odds are mostly in the house’s favor. Don’t heap verbal abuse on the dealer just because you’re not winning. That’s just being rude (or a jerk, or both).

Avoid being “Mr. Negativity” – Beating the odds at a table is all about having a positive attitude. Don’t be the whiny, irritating guy who complains about everything and constantly nags the cocktail waitress for a drink. It just sucks the fun out of a table. Avoid making negative remarks and avoid negative behavior. If you’re not having fun anymore; simply walk away. Dealers (and players) hate grumpy grouches.

Avoid stiffing the Dealer – Lastly, if you’re going to tip the dealer when you get lucky with the cards or dice, do it immediately. Never; NEVER promise to tip the dealer at the end of your gambling session; only to leave a measly dollar tip (or less) when you’re done. Be a little generous: Dealers live on tips. Try to tip the dealer every time; regardless of whether you’re winning or losing the game.

Dealers work hard to ensure that everyone at their table has a good time. They don’t need to waste that time babysitting or hand-holding players who feel entitled to special treatment or are simply troublemakers. So the next time you go gambling, please remember to treat your table game dealer right. After all, dealers are people too.

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