Our selection of casino games includes all of the popular games you’ll find in a real casino. While our casinos are for entertainment only, our dealers maintain the integrity of the game and deal as though the casino chips have value. Each of our tables have comfortable, padded armrests for your guests and some even include cup holders. Each table comes with high quality, black table skirting, which hides the table legs and ensures your event space looks clean and professional.

CRAPS (aka “Dice”)

Our craps tables are sure to amaze your guests. At 13-feet long and 5-feet wide, our regulation-sized, hardwood craps tables are the focal point of any casino. Players will gather around the table and follow each roll of the dice with cheers and high-fives. Craps is by far the most exciting game we offer and a great addition to any casino event.


Our roulette tables are a must for any casino party with four or more gaming tables. Simple to play, players bet on every spin of the wheel and try to guess where the ball will land. Guess right and you may win up to 35x your bet. Will it be black? Will it be even? Place your bets and find out!

BLACKJACK (aka “Pure 21.5” Blackjack)

Blackjack is by far the most popular casino game we offer. Our blackjack tables are great for every size and type of casino-themed event. Players try to get as close to twenty-one as possible, without going over. End up with a total greater than the dealer’s and you win. Rent a blackjack table today to test your luck!

POKER (aka “Texas Hold’em)

Great for tournaments and casino nights, our poker tables are sure to keep guests playing…all night long. Texas Hold’em is a game of skill where players bet against one another, not the dealer. End the game with the strongest poker hand and win the pot. Poker table rentals are recommended for poker tournaments, events with known poker players, and events with 75 or more guests.


The fun doesn’t stop there! We offer a wide selection of other casino game options for your casino party as well. The games listed below are recommended for larger casino parties (100+ guests) and casino fundraisers, as they’ll add some variety to a larger casino and encourage guests to try a new game. Want to include a specific game in your custom casino proposal? Make sure to mention it with your request

3-Card Poker

A poker-based game, the player’s 3-card poker hand goes up against the dealer’s; the better hand wins. If you have a pair or better, you win even more!

Pai Gow Poker

Players are dealt seven cards and must form a 5-card “high” hand and a 2-card “low” hand to put up against the dealer’s. Win one and push, win two and win! Pai Gow is a slow-paced game that is great for patient poker players.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

This is a variation of regular Texas Hold’em where the player is betting against the dealer instead of other players. Players make a 5-card hand out of their two hole-cards and five community cards. Land a big hand and win a multiple of your bet!

Blackjack Switch

“Ever want a little more control over your blackjack hands? Well, now you have it. Play two hands at a time and switch the top two cards! A fun twist to standard blackjack, great for all casino events

Crazy 4 Poker

With its bright layout and exciting gameplay, Crazy 4 Poker makes for a fun guest experience. This is one of the more complicated casino games, but is great for anyone willing to learn. Not recommended for smaller events, unless specifically requested

Let it Ride

“A fun addition to any larger event, Let It Ride allows players the option to pull their bets back after seeing their cards or “Let It Ride!” If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s, they win! Straights or better pay even more!

Money Wheel

This game is about as easy as it gets. Bet on where the wheel will stop and win up to 40x your bet if you’re right! No skill needed, just luck! Money Wheel is recommended for events with 200+ guests.

Casino War

Do you remember playing “war” as a kid? Well, that’s pretty much what this is: you get a card, the dealer gets a card, and the high card wins. Casino War is only recommended for events with 200+ guests.

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