Casino Fundraiser Planning: Useful Tips

Casino fundraiser with guests actively playing at casino tables.

Hosting a casino fundraiser can be a great way to raise money for a good cause while also providing a fun and exciting event for party guests. Here are a few tips to help you plan and execute a successful casino fundraiser:

Choosing a Venue for your Casino Fundraiser

Select a venue that is large enough to accommodate your expected attendance and that has ample space for gaming tables and a bar or kitchen area if you plan to offer food and drinks (recommended!)

Casino Fundraiser Budgeting

Determine how much money you want to raise and set a budget for the overall event with that number in mind. This will help you determine how many and what types of casino tables you can offer and what other expenses and amenities you can afford to include at the event.

Hire a Reputable Casino Provider

There are likely a handful of casino rental companies in your area, but do your due diligence and find one you can trust. If you’re expecting attendees to donate to your cause, you’ll need to provide them with casino entertainment they’ll enjoy. Choose a company that will show up on time, provide high-end casino tables, and a professional and friendly casino staff. The casino is what makes or breaks a casino fundraiser, so don’t skimp on casino rental costs.

Choose the Right Games

Decide which casino games you want to offer at the fundraiser. Popular choices include Blackjack and Poker, as well as other various card games such as 3-card poker, Let It Ride, and Pai Gow Poker. While craps and roulette are popular games, they’re unfortunately not allowed at casino fundraisers in California. Visit the California’s Charitable Gaming page for more information. Lastly, make sure you have enough tables and dealers to accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting.

Promote your Casino Fundraiser

Advertise the fundraiser through social media, email, and other various marketing channels. Encourage attendees to invite their friends and family to the event. The larger the casino fundraiser, the more successful you’ll be at generating a large amount of donations. As your guest count increases, your cost per guest goes down and your potential donations go up!

Create a Theme

Create a theme for your casino fundraiser to make it more exciting and engaging for attendees. Consider a Las Vegas, James Bond, or Roaring 20’s theme to add a touch of glamor to the event. Referring to the event in promotional material as a “Monte Carlo Night” versus a “Casino Fundraiser” is likely to encourage more people to attend.

Provide Entertainment

Consider hiring a DJ or a live band to provide music and entertainment during the event. This will keep guests engaged and entertained while they play in the casino and it offers non-gamblers something to do (dance!) While the goal is to generate donations through the casino, creating an event even non-gamblers can have fun at will increase your attendance and therefore your bottom line.

Offer Prizes

Offer prizes through raffle draws as an incentive for guests to participate in the casino. Guests should be allowed to turn in chips to receive raffle tickets, which in turn are used to raffle off prizes. Prizes can and should be donated by local businesses or attendees. In return, offer the local business or attendee the opportunity to advertise their services at the event.

Have Fun!

Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the event. This is a fundraiser, so the goal is to raise money for a good cause, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time doing it!

With these tips in mind, anyone can host a successful casino fundraiser that will raise money for a good cause while also providing a fun and exciting event for attendees. With the right planning and execution, your casino fundraiser can be a huge success.

If you’re looking for professional casino rentals for your San Francisco or Sacramento casino fundraiser, contact Aces Up Casino Parties today. We specialize in providing high-quality casino tables and dealers to casino fundraisers all over Northern California. Visit today or call (510) 785-5922 for more information.


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