Tipping Your Casino Party Dealer: A Guide for Hosts and Guests

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Planning a casino party is a thrilling endeavor, bringing the excitement and glamour of a real casino to your event. Since casino parties are for fun only and no real money is being wagered, tips are definitely not a requirement. That said, casino party dealers work hard to ensure guests have a great time while playing, so any gratuity should be seen as a “thank you” for their top-notch service.

No matter the occasion, understanding the etiquette around tipping your event personnel can enhance the experience for everyone involved. Here’s a detailed guide on tipping your casino party staff, with advice for both the party hosts and guests attending a casino event.

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For Hosts: Tipping Your Casino Party Dealers

When you hire a casino party company, you’re bringing in professional dealers who will ensure your guests have an unforgettable time. As the host, you have a couple of options for showing your appreciation to the staff through tips:

Including Gratuity With Your Casino Night Booking

One convenient way to handle tips is to include them with your payment for the casino entertainment. This method ensures that all staff members receive an even share of the gratuity. When choosing this option, make sure to communicate how you’d like the tips distributed to your casino company:

Tipping Your Casino Party Dealers After The Event

Alternatively, you can choose to tip the staff directly after the conclusion of your event. This is the preferred method for tipping your dealers!

With this method, prepare envelopes with cash tips that can be easily distributed to casino staff. For a more eco-friendly option, skip the envelopes! Ensure you have enough to fairly compensate each dealer, the casino manager, and the delivery crew if applicable. This personal touch can make the staff feel especially valued for their hard work.

If you’d prefer to tip by check, coordinate with your casino party company in advance. Make sure to specify how the money should be split, to ensure there’s no confusion. Whether it’s only for the dealers, or includes the manager and delivery crew, clear instructions are vital. 

Checks should be made out to your casino company and given to your Casino Manager or Delivery Crew after the event. Your casino company will then deposit the check and distribute the gratuity evenly to all specified staff via payroll.

How Much To Tip As The Host

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For Guests: Tipping Your Casino Party Dealer At The Table

As a guest at a casino party, you’ll likely interact closely with numerous dealers at various gaming tables. These dealers are there to enhance your gambling experience, providing endless entertainment and professionalism throughout the event. While the chips you’re playing with hold no monetary value, your appreciation for the dealer’s efforts can be shown through cash tips right at the table.

When And How To Tip

The best time to tip your casino party dealer is just before you leave the gaming table. This gesture shows your gratitude for their help with the game and adds to the fun and friendly atmosphere of the event.

While it might be fun to toss a chip to the dealer and say it’s for them (or bet it on your hand of blackjack for them), keep in mind the chip has no real cash value. Those gaming chips do more for you than the dealer, since you at least have a chance to possibly win a prize!

When you’re ready to tip your dealer, wait until they’ve completed dealing the hand their currently involved in and discreetly hand it to them and thank them for ensuring you had such a great time while playing. The dealer will thank you for the tip and place it in their pocket or otherwise out of sight. Due to laws surrounding casino parties being entertainment-only, a professional casino party company won’t allow cash on the gaming tables.

How Much To Tip Your Casino Party Dealer As A Guest

There’s truly no set amount you need to tip; any amount will be appreciated by your casino party staff. If you’re really unsure of what to tip, here are some guidelines to help you decide:

In Closing...

Whether you’re the host or a guest at a casino party, tipping the dealers is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their hard work. By including tips in your initial booking or tipping directly after the event, hosts can ensure all staff feel valued. Guests can enhance their experience and the dealer’s day with a well-timed cash tip. Remember, every tip counts and helps contribute to the success and enjoyment of the event for everyone involved.

If you’re ready to book your next Northern California casino event, contact Aces Up Casino Parties today! Our staff of dealers is sure to provide a great experience for you and your guests at the party. Should you choose to tip, you can put the above info to good use. Request a proposal today!

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