When you add a Craps table to your event, you are adding more than just a gaming option. Craps is the heartbeat of the casino - people standing around the table, cheering together every time a number hits. Whether your guests have been playing Craps for years or are beginners, our dealers will make it a fun and interactive game for all. Our Craps tables are just like the real thing in Vegas and Monte Carlo - high quality, and large enough to fit 18 or more players.

Footprint - 13' x 5'     |     Playing Positions - 18     |     Dealers - 3      |     Stand-up Table


Roulette may look like a confusing game, but it's as simple as they come. The dealer will spin the wheel and ball while you are placing your bets, and wherever the ball lands determines your winners. You can bet anywhere you think the ball will land (any number from 1-36, 0, or 00), and you can win up to 35 times what you put down! Bet on Even or Odd, Red or Black, 3 numbers, 6 numbers, or any combination you can dream up. Your Roulette dealer will talk you through all of the options, and you'll be a pro in no time. Roulette is a great addition to any party - very easy for an inexperienced gambler to learn and kids love it too.

Footprint - 8' x 4'     |     Playing Positions - 9     |     Dealers - 1      |     Standard Chairs Optional


Blackjack is a must-have for any party. It's the one game that almost everyone knows, and is almost always the first to fill up. Everyone has their own method of trying to 'beat the house,' and even for those that have never played, it's a cinch to pick up. Hit, Stay, Double Down or Split - it's that easy. We use six decks of cards on each blackjack table, for an absolutely authentic gaming experience.

Footprint - 6' x 3'     |     Playing Positions - 7     |     Dealers - 1      |     Bar Stools Optional

Texas Hold'em (Poker)

It's featured in a ton of movies, it's on TV all the time. It's a great strategic game, and the only one we offer where the players are competing against each other, not the house. For any group with Poker aficionados, you will want a Texas Hold'em table. If you're putting on a fundraiser, poker tournaments are a great way to raise money without a lot of risk. We will provide a tournament director and trained dealers to make the whole thing easy. All you have to do is sell tickets!

Footprint - 8' x 4'     |     Playing Positions - 9     |     Dealers - 1      |     10 Standard Chairs Required

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